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Octagon House Museum
Tour the Octagon House and First Kindergarten

919 Charles Street

Downtown Mural
Take a historical walking tour

Watertown, WI

Rock River
Enjoy the Rock River Trail


Downtown Waterton buildings
Antiques, boutiques, jewelry, and more!

Main Street, Watertown

Watertown Aquatic Center
Play outside!


Art Studio
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Maranatha Baptist University


In addition to K-12 public and private schools, Watertown

is home to Maranatha Baptist University 

and Luther Preparatory School, catering to students from all over the world.   

Brandt-Quirk Baseball Center


In Watertown

Watertown plays host to many softball and baseball tournaments from spring through fall.  The city also hosts disc golf tournaments on its 21 hole course.  For information on holding your tournament in Watertown, contact the Watertown Park & Rec at 920-262-8080.


Fly In!


WI Aviation provides all of your flight needs to travel into and out of Watertown.  The airport also provides flight training, on demand private aircraft charter,airplane maintenance, avionics and interiors. For more information contact Wisconsin Aviation at 920-262-0808.